Meet Steve and Steph

So, I try to stress the importance of an engagement session to couples all the time. If you are not use to a camera in front of you or nervous in anyway, sign yourself up for an engagement session. I tend to find couples that did do an engagement session are professionals by their wedding day, and the photos take half the time to capture and come out so much better! Stephanie and Steve, were such couple. They both kept saying how nervous they were and "what do we do, where do our hands go, should we smile? " I told them like I tell everyone, I will help you here and there but those moments your laughing because its so awkward, those are the ones you will love the most and the bonus, laughter solves anything :) This engagement session turned out pure perfection and I know on their big day snapping photos of them will be painless and easy and they will turn out nothing short of amazing!!!

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