Family Time

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If you have followed me long enough you will remember Beth, Greg and Little Gaven, well here now is also Little Dragon lol, that's what his Big bro called him before he was born. So, it was not in fact a baby dragon in his mama's belly, it was sweet little Alex. Isn't he ADORABLE!!!

Beth and I have know each other for what seems like forever. She was my very first friend when my family moved here to Delaware. I still have not gotten a true answer as to if my mom paid her that summer day to come drag me out of my bedroom (I refused to leave my bedroom till my parents moved us back to Michigan), but I am eternally grateful she did, because she showed me again happiness and fun, of which at that time I Swore I would never have till I died lol, you have to love 10 year old dramatics!!

Greg is leaving for Basic next week and I was so glad she asked me to take these photographs. Beth is the Strongest person I know and it is her and many other military families strength that I truly truly admire, for they are severing this country in a different way, by giving us their loved ones to fight for this beautiful country! So, THANK YOU to Greg, Beth and boys and ALL the Military men, woman and their amazing families!!


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