For Our Photographer Friends

JFS Light and Airey Preset Collections

 We are always asked "how do you get those dreamy skin tones and soft look and feel to all your photos?" We desided it was time to share our secrets and share with you some of our favorite presets.

Just like you we too struggled for years trying to find the perfect receipe for our brand and photographs. Trail and error and then back to the drawing borad, only to repeat this over and over again for what feels like hundreds of times. We wanted to show consistancy in our albums and photographs and trying to do so with different enivorments, seasons and locations, was truly troublesome and difficult. Katie and I LOVE to teach, if you have ever worked along side of us you will know that one of our passions is sharing our knowledge with others, so after some thought we decided to share some of our favorite presets with you. We hope you love and cherish them as much as we do!